Funny how the wealthy and privileged are the ones most likely to preach to the rest of us about income equality from their glistening ivory towers. They look down their noses and wag their fingers at the masses for not doing enough. They declare the rich must pay their fair share while taking full advantage of every law and loophole to pay as little as possible to the tax man.

Kamala Harris just released her tax returns and revealed she is not only in the 1 percent but is in the 1/10th of 1 percent in income—even in her native California where she and her husband earned just shy of $2 Million dollars in 2018. Her $700,000 in Federal taxes is more money than millions of her constituents will actually earn in their entire lifetime. California is home to fully 35% of all Americans living in poverty.

A family of four earning about $25,000 a year is considered to be in poverty in America. At that rate a family living at the poverty rate could live there for 28 years just on her tax bill. And they would be there an incredible 76 years on her $1.9 Million in earnings—just for last year.

Try this on for size, the average teacher gets paid $80,000 annually in California. Which means just to earn just the amount Harris paid in taxes last year those that teach kids in her state will need to be in the classroom for the next 9 years. They would need to show up to school for next 24 years to earn the same that Harris brought in last year.

Harris is not unique in her powerful earnings ability. Bernie Sanders, the leader of the Socialist movement in America is a multi-millionaire with 3 homes including an incredible million-dollar lake house in Northern Vermont. What is very telling is Sander’s refusal to apologize for being wealthy. “I wrote a best-selling book” he remarked recently. So, Sanders actually acknowledges that people with talent and the ability to do great things (if you think writing a best-seller qualifies) should be compensated at rates that propel them to incredible wealth and prosperity.

Well, on that point I agree with the budding Communist from Burlington.

Take a look at some of the others in the field hoping to be President and you quickly realize the Democrats that are leading the call to drill you with new taxes at rates far above anything you have ever seen— are themselves already very well off with the gravy train still rolling.

Beto O’ Rourke who tries to exude the “every man” simplicity and “I understand your pain” narrative was worth an estimated $9 Million dollars five years ago. His wife is worth considerably more. Beto’s father-in-law, a real-estate tycoon, is believed to be a billionaire. I wonder what he thinks about the death tax for real.

Elizabeth Warren, another one of those outraged Progressives who lives in a home that is valued at $2 Million dollars by itself. Her entire holdings according to  The New York Times may exceed $11 Million dollars.

Others getting plenty of attention include New Jersey Senator Cory Booker checking in at about a million and a half. Amy Klobuchar the Senator from Minnesota sits about $1.9 Million. Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper sold one company 12 years ago for nearly $6 Million dollars alone.

The King of the money makers running to take more of yours however is Congressman John Delaney of Maryland who is worth more than $90 Million dollars.

It must be nice to sit on a stack of cash and lecture the peasants about the coming calamity and certain death that awaits us if President Donald Trump is re-elected. The same fateful end-of-the-world scenario awaits if Republicans ever get ahold of The House of Representatives of if conservatives are allowed to get one more seat on a Federal Bench.

What is apparent is that Democrats are out of viable or credible ideas. The proposals put forth would make ambitious communists blush and the audacity of it all. The leftists want an expansion of income tax, capital gains tax, death tax and an all new wealth tax. They are demanding a government take-over of health care and eliminating all private insurance. The list goes on to include abortion on demand at any time, ending the Electoral College, lowering the voting age to 16, allowing illegal aliens to get government benefits, confiscating firearms and much more.

The entire Democrat platform is ‘Fear and Free Stuff’. The goal is to create as fear over Global Warming/Climate Change or guns or President Trump or whatever is useful to scare voters and then make great promises of giving you your neighbors money. Yes, this will the ultimate game of envy. Whatever your neighbor has they will take away and give to you—unless of course you are an evil one percenter like they are. If that’s the case, they will be knocking on your door.

Don’t kid yourself. These rules that apply to you in the Rust Belt and the rest of Forgotten America will certainly not apply to them—they will make sure their powerful friends are protected from this re-distribution of wealth. You see they are interested in re-distributing yours—not theirs.

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