Hunting Sandhill Cranes in Michigan
Michigan’s State House of Representative’s passed a resolution, via voice vote with apparently no debate, which asked the state’s Natural Resources Commission to establish a Sandhill Crane hunting season in Michigan.
According to an article in the Detroit Free Press the resolution’s sponsor, Republic…
Michigan State Directors and Bonuses
Do you believe that State Directors who make 6 figures should be paid bonuses?
What kind or metrics could the state possibly use to determine that these Directors deserves 10’s of thousands of dollars in a bonus?
The Detroit News is reporting on the Michigan Department of Civil Rights …
Michigan and Taxing Pop
Do you believe that a local governmental unit should have the ability to tax pop or any other food item in order to limit the amount of pop consumers purchase and consume?
Today it could be pop and tomorrow who knows, maybe kale.
The Detroit News is reporting that the Michigan Senate passed a bill yes…
Michigan Drivers Are Not That Bad
I was not expecting this but apparently according to a new survey by Kars4Kids Michigan was rated as the 15th most polite stated when it comes to driving.
Kars4Kids asked various questions from 50 licensed drivers in each state, aged 18 and older...
Michigan’s Concealed Carry Weapon Bills Pass House
The Michigan House approved bills (House bills 4416 through 4419) mostly on a party line vote that would allow any legal firearm owner to carry that firearm concealed without a permit or mandatory training.
The main piece of legislation, House bill 4416, passed 59-49...
Michigan, Cars and Your Cellphone
The time has finally come and probably way overdue.  The Michigan House Transportation Committee is now considering a bill that would make it illegal to use your hand-held electronic device while driving.
Most of us should already know that it is illegal to text and drive in the state of Michiga…
Abolish Michigan’s State Board of Education
One recommendation from Governor Snyder’s 21st Century Education Commission is to either eliminated Michigan’s State Board of Education or allow the Governor to appoint the members to the board.
According to an article in The Detroit News the elimination of the State Board of Education or the recomme…
Michigan, Farmers and the Immigration Issue
Apparently Michigan farmers are concerned about what some are calling stricter illegal immigration enforcement by President Trump. The Michigan farmers are worried that this new idea which is basically saying that we will now follow the law of the land could hurt their businesses because they have a…

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