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Fred Campbell, Net Neutrality Vote.
Fred Campbell is Director of Tech Knowledge, a Senior Policy Advisor with Wireless 20/20, and an adjunct professor in the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law LL.M program at the University of Nebraska College of Law. Net Neutrality Vote...
Ron Rademacher, Around Michigan
Ron Rademacher, Around Michigan
Ron Rademacher - Travel Writer, Author, Speaker, Story Teller, and a Guy,Who Holds The Record For Getting Lost On The Back Roads Of Michigan. Around Michigan
Michigan Enjoys Homecoming 2018
You can make what you will of the economy since Donald Trump became President. You can debate whether or not his policies have led to economic expansion and a burst of optimism around the country. You can believe or dismiss a CNN poll last week that found 57% of Americans think the economy is doing …
Kyle Melinn, GOP Debates
Kyle Melinn, editor and Vice President of the MIRS Newsletter, a daily online political news service covering state government and politics. GOP Debates
Trump Doctrine Nukes Iran Deal
The long national embarrassment and global apology tour of the previous administration has finally and thankfully come to an official end.
When President Trump stepped to the podium, on Tuesday, to announce the United States would no longer be a party to the farce of a nuclear deal with Iran put toge…
Bernie Porn is the President of EPIC MRA. Statewide poll results on the governor's race
Joel Fulton, President Trump speaks at the NRA annual meeting
Joel Fulton President, Freedom Firearms, CPL instructor .  President Trump speaks at the NRA annual meeting and Protesters on both sides of the U.S. gun debate took to the streets on Saturday outside the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Dallas after the latest in a…
Bernie Porn,Did Donald Trump and his campaign obstruct justice
Bernie Porn, President of EPIC MRA. 1.Direction of the country 2. Favorability ratings for Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Robert Mueller 3. Job rating for Donald Trump 4.2020 presidential general election matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden 5...