What's going on?

Break the Chain of Migration
The terrorist who was attempting to blow something up in New York City but only was able to blow himself up came to the United States via Chain Migration.
What is Chain Migration?
Chain Migration is the process by which foreign nationals are allowed to permanently resettle within the United States and…
University of Michigan and Free Speech
University of Michigan President Schlissel told the Detroit Economic Club that he intends to allow the “white supremacist” to speak at the University.
The Detroit News is reporting that the U of M President stated the following at the Detroit Economic Club:
If the University of Michigan does not allow…
Army/Navy Choir Sing National Anthem
This morning I spoke about the honor of going to three Army/Navy football games. If you have not been to one and you get the opportunity you should go.
I spoke about all of the NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem and in my humble opinion disrespect our flag and nation, but not at this fo…
Congressmen Conyers Pension is that High!
Now that Democrat Congressmen form Detroit John Conyers has resigned we now find out how much he will be extracting from the taxpaying public in the form of a pension.
You are not going to believe how much he will get in his pension, keep in mind that as a Congressman he was making $174,000 a year...