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The Silence
The deep sinking feeling that all parents know so well; the moment when your child has disappeared and you suddenly don’t know where they are. Your heart skips a beat before it begins to pound uncontrollably. The pit of your stomach churns and there is an urge to vomit...
Congressman Jack Bergman on The Steve Gruber Show
Congressman Jack Bergman is a retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant general and the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 1st congressional district. He served as commanding general of Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North.
USDA Rural Development G...
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Around Michigan

Ron Rademacher - Travel Writer, Author, Speaker, Story Teller, and a Guy Who Holds The Record For Getting Lost On The Back Roads Of Michigan.
Around Michigan
North Korea The Shining City 
You would think by reading The Washington Post or Yahoo or watching CNN that North Korea is some sort of normal but misunderstood nation. The Olympic coverage by the American press is normalizing a brutal nation that starves it’s citizens so it can let its elites live in opulent luxu…

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