Hillary Lead Gone
On August 9th Reuters decided to deliberately change it’s polling techniques to show Hillary Clinton with a bigger lead than she had with the exact same numbers the day before when she was losing to Donald Trump. After the Democratic Convention bounce of an unprecedented 12 to 1…
Fox News Reigns
According to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll released Wednesday Fox News is the most trusted news or commentary news network in America.
I have been saying that for years, and I read and watch all of the news networks, except for MSNBC, I do not even know why they call that network a news source.
Three Positive Things Happening
We so often talk about the issues of the day and their negative impact they have on our lives. And we discuss what we believe should occur to correct or improve the issues.
It is wonderful to see people within the communities directly affected by these issues to attempt to show a different perspectiv…

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