It seems that the news media always casts a dark shadow over the misuse of firearms particularly the AR- 15 and the AK 47.  It seems inevitably the newscaster whether a man or woman incorrectly name or describe firearms much to my chagrin.  Lately the highlight for the news media has been the accidental death of Charles Vacca who was teaching a nine year old how to shoot an Uzi.

Knowledge is power when it comes to any firearm.  I was taught at a young age to respect firearms and my father never wavered on his sentiment that safety should come first.  Teaching young children about firearms if you have them in your home is a must. Instilling these values of respect, safety and knowledge of firearms can mean the difference between safely handling them or having to deal with a freak accident.

Unfortunately accidents do happen even with firearm pros. Making radical changes to the second amendment because of these rare occurrences seems silly. Use common sense when placing powerful weapons in the hands of young people.