I guess the good news is legislation will be introduced next week in the U.S. House of Representatives that will gradually cut funding for unauthorized government programs. Yes you read that correctly, to "gradually" cut funding for "unauthorized government programs".

The bad news being that we have unauthorized government programs that we continue to give taxpayers money to.

How in the heck does our government even have "unauthorized programs"? Now those of you who have not seen the light on how out of control our government beast is, does this do it for you?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about the Unauthorized Spending Accountability Act which would "pressure Congress to reexamine government programs whose authorizations have expired by subjecting such programs to a rolling sequester, which would take place over three years and end with a complete elimination of funding if lawmakers have not acted to reauthorize the program."

I still have a problem getting past the "unauthorized" or "expired" authorization still receiving funding. Are these people just drunk on our money and the power the wield over us?

They have not been doing their jobs so Lets just throw the bums out!

Beeline be it or not currently our beast funds 256 unauthorized programs costing us an eye popping $310.4 billion a year, according to the CBO.

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R., Wash.) is the one introducing the bill and was quoted in the article stating:

This is all part of restoring our power of the purse, our constitutional role, and ensuring the accountability to the people, and what we’ve seen from a lot of these agencies is that they become arrogant, they become disconnected from their mission, and this restores the accountability with the elected representatives

May I ask what have you guys been doing in DC all these decades? Did you not know you were sent there to oversee the management of our beast and because of your failure "We The People" no longer trust you.

We are learning that under this legislation programs that have expired authorizations "would be subject to a 10 percent spending cut in the first year of unauthorized status and a 15 percent cut in the second and third years. If Congress fails to reauthorize a program after three years, it would be sunsetted—meaning funding would completely disappear—at the end of the third fiscal year".

How about this novel idea, if it is not authorized or no longer authorized we scrap the program.

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