Look, you can't tell me you wouldn't love to wake up with tons of light streaming in, and the opportunity to sip some coffee right on the lakefront...

It's not something just anybody could brag about doing.

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But how about a Michigan waterfront home on an Island. That means, your in-laws would have to travel by boat to see you...you know that would definitely put some distance between the lot of you.

Located on Beaver Island, secluded from the masses, take a look inside this retro-styled home that you could own...

You Could Own This Waterfront Home On This Michigan Island

Who wouldn't love to be secluded away during the summer and spring months, even in the fall months? Away from everyone, and having your own property to go to for holidays if you please.

The home is a definite beauty. My only downside is all the windows and a lack of curtains.

During the day, it would be no problem. You'd have tons of sunlight, just streaming in. However, I personally wouldn't be able to sleep knowing someone could just be staring in through the window watching me.

However, curtains are a simple install regardless.

What did you think of this home?

Sure, our Great Lakes never really warm up to always a comfortable temperature, but imagine the possible Instagram shots you could take.

You'd also have bragging rights to owning property on an Island. Could you imagine throwing that round at your next high school reunion?

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