As opening day approaches for hunters here in Michigan, people like myself who do not hunt may get confused.

Heck, even today news broke that state officials want us to kill any spotted lantern flies we may see flying about. Which is strange at first because it's not every day your government is encouraging us to kill wildlife...but these are invasive and could have negative effects on our crops so more power to you.

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Deer Hunting Season Approaches in Michigan

Just today I heard gunshots out in the woods by my house and thought, "huh, don't think it's deer season yet..."

Meanwhile, we have friends and family that are chomping at the bit thinking we are going to let them hunt the family of eight deer we are now emotionally attached to.

My dad always keeps a tally and brags all summer about how many red squirrels he kills, to which in response, you actually are welcome to kill all year long.

Here's a look at all of the other wild animals the Michigan Department of Natural Resources says there are no set seasons for hunting, it's just always open-to-kill:

Animals You Can Hunt All Year in Michigan

Michigan Hunting Licenses, Seasons, Etc.

You can CLICK HERE for specifics and information on when you can hunt animals that do have set seasons for hunting them such as deer, turkey, etc.

However, we do want to note there is also more information featured in the Michigan DNR's "Fur Harvester Digest" and this features information on harvesting animals such as: "Muskrat, Mink, Raccoon, Fox, Bobcat, Badger, Fisher/Marten, Beaver, Otter, and Coyote."

As always, before you hunt any animal you should do your due diligence to check up with the Michigan DNR whether that's a phone call or a quick search on Google and should always make sure you have a valid Michigan hunter's license.

On a personal note, while I do not condemn hunting, it's not really my thing. I think I have something of a "Snow White" complex or something. However, I hope being able to spread information on how to do it legally and safely helps someone out there have a happier hunting season.

Also, some of these animals make life way harder on other animals we know and love here in Michigan so at the end of the day, I guess things are pretty even...right?

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