At the beginning of July of this year, I wrote a quick article about Xavier Prather, a man from Kalamazoo who was going to compete on the show Big Brother. You can read more below:

Obviously, when I was writing that article the show hadn't even premiered yet. My prediction that Xavier would rise to the role of 'champion' was simply a guess. But, as it turns out, I was right!

Congrats to Xavier Prather who is this season's winner on Big Brother! Not only did he win unanimously, walking away with $750,000, but his win is historic. According to WWMT News Channel 3, Xavier is the first Black man to win on Big Brother.

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Now, to be honest, I usually shy away from reality competition shows because, in the past, it usually involved conniving people plotting to take each other down using sneaky tactics. It's just not my thing. However, either the genre evolved or this season of Big Brother had some very kind competitors. Take a look at the support the final three give each other while listening to surprise messages from their families:

So, what's Prather planning to do with that $750,000? In his interview with WWMT, he said that he had paid off some student loans, gave some to his family but that we shouldn't be surprised if we spot him in a local bar buying a round of drinks.

He did name one establishment specifically. He said,

My favorite spot in Kalamazoo is probably Shakespeare's Pub. That's my go-to spot where my friends and I always go because it's right in the center of downtown

Good to know.

Regardless of whether or not he's buying you a drink, if you spot Xavier Prather around southwest Michigan make sure you give him a big 'congratulations' for not only making history with his win of Big Brother but for representing Kalamazoo on national television!

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