Feeling miserable this winter?  You're not alone.  The National Weather Service releasing its Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index--also know as the "misery index" and it finds folks all over the country are the most miserable they've ever been since the stats were first compiled in the 1950's. 

By contrast, the numbers recorded for last year were a mixed bag ranging from mild misery to severe.

The year before that, numbers found most were mildly affected by the snow and ice and high winds and dangerous driving conditions.

Forecasters say March, which is normally much warmer at this point with much less snow, is likely to buck the trend this year and continue on the "misery" path.

By the way, that misery could escalate even more.  It's time to set your clocks forward this weekend for Daylight Saving Time--so you can be miserable and tired too from losing an hour's sleep as well.