Grand Rapids police with a bizarre one on their hands:  a woman, upset after receiving a series of incorrect orders at a local McDonald's, allegedly opened fire on the restaurant. is reporting today that it happened this morning around 3 o'clock at the franchise in the 400 block of 28th Stree SE.

The report says, according to witnesses, two women came to the restaurant's drive-through window and ordered a burger.  The women complained when they found the order was incorrect but seemed to accept the workers' offer of a free meal the next time they came back.  In fact, the two came back just hours later but received yet another incorrect order.

Police say it was at this time, that the passenger in the vehicle, got out of the car, began to shout at the employee and fired a gun at the window of the drive-through.  Fortunately, no one was injured.

It didn't take long for police to identify the pair.  They left their personal information with the McDonald's worker to keep for when they came back to get their free meal.