Before we know it, the snow will be back and falling to the ground. We may not see anything too big right off the bat, but we will see something interesting at some point during the winter season.

Do you recall some of the worst snowfalls on record?

The Top 5 Biggest Snowfalls on Record

You should grab your snow pants and something warm before we begin this journey. None of the snowfalls that made the list, are from this century either. So if you thought this last winter was brutal... you should think again.

Take a look at the 5 times Lansing saw the most snowfall.

WOW! Lansing's Five Worst Snowfalls In History

If you thought winter was bad this year here in Michigan, wait until you relive these past Michigan winters. Here are the top 5 biggest snowfalls in Lansing history.

Do you recall any of these storms? I've seen pictures from a couple of these storms, and have even heard some stories.

Let's hope winter is going to treat us nice this season and be mild.

Earliest First Snowfall Dates for Michigan Cities

Snow doesn't typically begin to pile-up in most of Michigan until November or December, but not all years are typical. Here's a look at the earliest snowfall ever recorded for several Michigan cities, according to

All 83 Michigan Counties Ranked On The Amount Of Snow Per Year

Ever wonder where the worst places in Michigan are for snowfall? What about the places that aren't so bad for snow? This might affect your next move... Given, you won't see lightning strike in the same place twice, you can't be promised a lack of snow. We have all 83 Michigan counties ranked in order, based on data collected throughout the years.