Call me what you will, but I do not do bugs, insects, or anything that slithers. It's just a nope for me.

Being here in summer now, I've stocked up on my bug spray and am praying that is enough to keep what I want from me away. If not, I may need to go buy something stronger or try some home remedies to keep the pests away.

Do you know what the worst pests here in Michigan are?

The Worst Pests In Michigan

The only downside of entering summer and spring, is we get reintroduced to a lot of the bugs, insects and critters that we almost forgot about.

That's the key worst. ALMOST. 

Take a look at the pests that cause the most damage/annoyance to Michigan homeowners below.

Some of these, may shock you.

These Five Pests Are The Worst For Michigan Homeowners

This list was conducted by the Google searches conducted by Michiganders, and show the worst pests that are in the state of Michigan.

Ticks and the mosquito held no shock to me. Ants are also an awful annoyance to the average homeowner/renter. Even ants aren't seasonal, neither are flies.

The Worst Trees In Michigan

On the topic of the worst things in Michigan, can we transition over to the most annoying kind of trees that Michigan has?

Take a look below, and let us know if you agree with us.

The Worst Trees in Michigan

I'm sorry if you think these trees look pretty, but they need to go!

The Worst Things About Living In Michigan

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