It's that time of year again when deer are on the move and so are you. That means that there is a stronger chance that you and a deer could meet each other in the street. I'm not talking about a street fight—although I would pay to watch that. I'm talking about deer and car collisions. They happen all the time throughout mid-Michigan and the rest of the state.

According to the State of Michigan:

While the state's two million deer are most active in spring and fall, vehicle-deer crashes are a year-round problem. Each year, there are nearly 50,000 reported vehicle-deer crashes in Michigan. About 80 percent of these crashes occur on two-lane roads between dusk and dawn. The most serious crashes occur when motorists swerve to avoid a deer and hit another vehicle or a fixed object, or when their vehicle rolls over.

I drive to and from Laingsburg multiple times a week. During the spring and fall, I see a ton of deer crossing the road. I know the route well and use extra caution anytime I'm driving to and from the "burg" on Upton Rd. I'm used to seeing deer run across the street, not giving a damn about what kind of traffic might be oncoming. Not these deer. They like to take their time and cross the road at a leisurely pace. Don't get me wrong, I've had to slam on my breaks.

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Mid-Michigan covers a lot of square miles. You gave me feedback about what roads are the worst for deer crossing the road and potential car/deer collisions. Here's what you said.

Worst Roads in the Lansing Area for Car/Deer Collisions

Fall is here and so are the deer. What roads in mid-Michigan are the worst for car/deer accidents? Here's the list of roads you should avoid because of the increased chance of hitting a deer.

Abandoned Deer Forest & Story Book Lane

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