As it is officially "Spooky Season" you see the skeletons, the ghosts, the "fricken bats" everywhere. Of course, one group of that their imagery is thrown around a lot during Halloween time is witches!

There are songs (like Donovan's "Season of the Witch"), movies (you already know "Hocus Pocus"), stories, and history (Salem Witch Trials) surrounding these magical people with other-worldly abilities.

Now, weather you believe in witchcraft or not, or just haven't made it to the witchy side of TikTok (AKA "WitchTok"), there is no denying the influence this time of year.

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Meet Mason's "Hat Lady", Sharla Horton

FOX 47 News reports that Sharla Horton, of Busy Bee Creations at the Maple St. Mall in Mason, has been making gorgeously elaborate witch hats for three years in a row now.

At first, she told FOX 47, she was making them for her own "coven" for the Mason "witch walk" (more on that in a few) when her mother-in-law told her she should sell them.

Her first year, she says she sold 53 hats. Now, with this year being her first year accepting custom orders for the witchy accessories, she has already sold 64 and isn't slowing down.

Where Would a Witch Wear It?

Of course, the hats are beautiful enough to leave out as décor but if you are a witchy one who wishes to actually wear their hat, there is an event in Mason where you can not only do just that but it is encouraged and (possibly rewarded)!

According to the Mason Area Chamber of Commerce, Saturday, October 23rd is Mason's "Witches on the Town" event!

It's basically a ladies' day out where participants can get done up in their witchy best and go around to local businesses in Mason and collect treats before flying off on their broomsticks!

There is also a costume contest aspect of the event, which is exactly where Sharla Horton and her hats come in!

It's Not Too Late to Complete Your Look

Now, though the event is already sold out (they capped registration at 500 witches), but if you are attending and need the pièce de résistance for your look, these hats are sold exclusively at Busy Bee Creations in Mason.

Per FOX 47, Sharla is still taking custom orders for the hats until October 20th.

So go out and live your life like the awesome, bad witch you are!

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