Michigan residents are bracing for the worst storm in years.

More than a foot and a half of snow has already fallen and more is on the way.  In addition, dangerous wind chills--some upwards to 30 below zero--will hit the area.

Schools and even some universities are closed today.   Meanwhile, a snow emergency has been called in many communities in Michigan--including Lansing.  That means, all cars and trucks need to be 'off' city streets to allow for more complete plowing.

In Lansing, city officials are also asking that travel be limited to essentials only.  Travel that is excluded includes those who are going to work, or to the doctor, or even to buy food.  While city offices and agencies are shut down today due to the snow, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernaro says business owners in the city will have to make a determination on their own of whether to open.

Bernaro is also warning that due to the weather conditions, roads may be restricted or impassable, public transportation may be restricted and emergency services may be delayed.  City officials are now working on plans for emergency vehicle access, implementation of  emergency sheltering, community-wide critical communications, and snow removal and management.

The ordinance requiring residents to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice has also been suspended for the time being.  Bernaro promises updates as the weather improves.

Lansing also is suspending enforcement of the city's snow and ice sidewalk clearing ordinance for at least the next 48 hours.