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Despite the claims by those in charge of NBC News when they made the big decision to remove Brian Williams from the anchor desk, that he would return in 6 months that seems very unlikely.

I told you then that NBC should fire Williams for his repeated exaggerations and flat out lies about his adventures in reporting. The most infamous was a story he kept repeating and expanding about being in a helicopter hit by enemy fire in Iraq. The really disgusting part is that many of his colleagues at the network were quite clear that Williams was not telling the truth about that incident and many more.

Now it seems nearly impossible that Williams will ever return. Simply put he has zero credibility, the one thing you really need to possess to tell millions of viewers each night what is going on in the world with some sense of value.

There is also the matter of Lester Holt, who has been ‘filling’ in since Williams was taken out in a very public way. Holt is the only black anchor of a major news network and by all accounts is doing a very good job. He has held the ship together as they say.

What would be the rationale to remove the first full time black anchor in network news history to put a man back in the chair who has a pattern of lying dating back years? The fact is it isn’t going to happen.

Mark my words sometime in the next few weeks and well before the 6 month suspension is over for Williams- Holt will be named the new permanent anchor of NBC Nightly News. For the record that is the right thing to do.