Do you think any of us will be able to cash in and be able to share in the Class Action law suit of Facebook/Meta? After all, there is a big pool of money on the table.

Remember in December of last year Facebook's parent company, Meta, agreed to pay $725 million dollars in the privacy class-action lawsuit settlement over how they used your personal information? They did sign off on it, so, the question is now, will any of that money reach us?

I, along with most of us in media are Facebook users, connecting with listeners, along family and friends.

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And even if you're not very active on Facebook and you haven't posted anything to your page in a year or so, the answer is yes, you may qualify for some cash Fox17 reports.

Of course Facebook denies any wrongdoing, but the agreement means that eligible users can file a claim for a chunk of that money.

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Will it be a gold mine for you? Well, you have to take into consideration that there are 87 million Facebook users, so this is not, by any means, a get rich quick deal. Actually, if the numbers are correct, your payout could be as huge as.....$6. WOW! What do you think, retirement?

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Getty Images News Pool/Canva

Of course, probably not all of the 87 million will file, so, hey, you might see $10, who knows.

But it does make sense to file. This is found money, so why not get a sliver of the pie. Doesn't cost anything to go through the exercise. If you don't file, someone else gets your share. Maybe, a horrible thought, the money goes back to the bad guys because it went unclaimed, so go for it.

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Now before you get all hot and bothered and jump at it, make sure you submit a claim through the official claim form and check for important case information to make sure it is not a copycat or scam site.

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You should check the court number, the phone number of the lawyers, and the names of the lawyers.

In order to qualify to claim money under the Facebook settlement, you had to use Facebook between May 24, 2007 and Dec. 22, 2022. The deadline to file is Aug. 25, 2023.


For your safety, CLICK HERE for the official settlement page.

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