The answer for almost all of us is no!  For others it is at worse minimal to the overall population.

If our elected politicians cannot come to an agreement federal workers deemed "essential" would stay on the job and our key government functions, such as, the United States Post office, Welfare programs, national security operations and law enforcement would still remain up and running.

What might and might not affect you:

Will I still get my Social Security check?

Yes, because the Social Security program is mandatory.

Will I still receive my Welfare check?

Of course. The Welfare programs are mandatory entitlement programs that is not dependent on any annual spending bills.

Will mail still be delivered?

Yes, because the US Postal Service receives its funding through stamps and other fees.

Will I still be able to fly?

Yes. Airports would still remain open and the air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration officials would still remain on the job. However there eventually could be some delays as "non-essential" employees are furloughed.

Am I still able to get a passport?

Probably but there might be a small delay.  Why, because the State Department's passport services are funded partly by fees, which means that service is not totally dependent on Congress for money and may be able to continue to issue passports for at least a short time.

Can I still visit our National Parks?

For most parks the answer is no. Some parks would still remain accessible but their visitor centers, trails and campgrounds, could be closed.

Will our military still get paid?

Yes and no.  They next paycheck for our military is due February 1st. If the shutdown remains in effect after February 1 there could be an issue.

Believe me most of us will hardly even notice that the government is “shutdown” because the government really never shuts down.  Ask yourself how many times you have needed the government to do anything for you personally on a day to day basis, especially considering the list of government functions that will not be affected.  For most of us the answer is none to rarely, certainly in a short time period as this one will be if it actually comes to fruition.

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