After April 25th many Walmart Greeters with disabilities may lose their jobs.

Walmart is changing the job title and responsibilities of the former "Walmart Greeter."  They will now be called "Customer Hosts" and will have duties that will be difficult if not impossible for some of the older or disabled greeters according to, qualify for these new host positions, workers must be able to lift 25 pounds, clean up spills, collect carts and stand for long periods of time, among other things — tasks that can be impossible for people with disabilities. Workers say they've been told they must be able to climb a ladder to qualify for some of the other jobs at the store.

These changes have already taken place at nearly 1,000 stores and many more on the way in late April.  But the problem has already reared its ugly head right here in Michigan says NPR,

In Michigan, cousins John and Joe Wirth, both of whom use wheelchairs and have filed an EEOC claim against Walmart, say their local manager did not help them find new jobs at the store when their greeter positions were phased out.

In addition to John and Joe Wirth the Troy, MI Walmart also fired a greeter who had been there for 12 years.


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