Today in East Lansing President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill. This would not have been possible without bi-partisan support. And that means plenty of Republican backing.

U.S. Agriculture Industry - Photo by Getty Images

The first Farm Bill was signed in 1933 by President Roosevelt. Then it was called "The Agriculture Adjustment Act". At the time the country was mired in the depression and America's farmers and ranchers were in serious need of help. Chairing the House Agriculture Committee is Republican Frank Lucas. He says while the Farm Bill signed today may not look like the original the ultimate goal is the same: to provide a strong safety net so the U.S. can continue to be the preeminent source of food and fiber for the world.  He says many times farmers and ranchers are dealing with circumstances beyond their control like devastating weather and unstable markets. He says the Farm Bill gives farmers and ranchers across the country the tools they can count on to mitigate risks inherent in the agriculture industry. That's why it ended up getting widespread backing from both parties.