Getty Images By: Andrew Redington

You may find this surprising but the country’s largest organization of school nutritionists is not liking the further implementation of federal nutrition standards for schools, saying they are grossly wasteful of both food and money.

Yes, the School Nutrition Association (SNA), which represents over 50,000 school nutrition professionals, released a statement warning that without congressional action our schools around the nation are looking at over $1.2 billion in additional costs this year, more than tripling the burden imposed on schools by federal nutrition mandates.

Another case of if you do not do what we order we will take your money away. Interesting how they want to force these types of requirements on school children but not welfare recipients.

The new requirements are said to be both largely wasteful and expensive.

SNA when on to say eliminating the mandate, would give school cafeterias the ability to improve in other ways.

In their statement they stated “We could reduce both waste and costs by not forcing students to take food they do not want, by reducing that food waste, school cafeterias would have more money to make additional improvements to the menu…such as offering more whole-grain and low sodium items."

The nutritionists also stated that they are concerned about further requirements that are coming. In 2018 & 2022, schools will be required to significantly reduce how much salt is in their food offerings.

So should we listen to the professionals as the Obama Administration and the Democrat party say we should when it comes to Global Warming or just ignore them?

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