Wow, even in death the “state” does not care what you want.  In this case I am speaking about the Canadian “state”.

The Daily Caller is reporting about a Radiologist who died in January 2015 whose will stated he wanted to create a scholarship fund for “single, straight, white men who intend to study science. The scholarship also requests the recipient not play collegiate sports and that they not show an aversion to manual labor.”

A Canadian judge said no you cannot, apparently Canadian judges are allowed to do so on the grounds that they believe it is “contrary to public policy”.

The judge in this case believes the “contrary to public policy” was the fact that he wanted the scholarships to go to white men and that violated the “fundamental interests of Canada’s government”.

Apparently the Canadian goverment can not stand those darn white people.  Maybe they should just ban white people from their country because apparently white people are “contrary to public policy” and the “fundamental interests of Canada’s government”.

Really, what do you care as long as it is not breaking a law?  Yes he is very specific and some may think un-pc but it is his money not the “states”.

By the way the Radiologist also wrote in his will he wanted to offer the same scholarship to single women who “is not a feminist or a lesbian”.

Oh in case you did not know there are many scholarship programs for Chinese, First Nation people, female and anyone who is not white in Canada.

So now because of the Canadian government bigotry towards white people no one will receive scholarships from this man.  In his will he stipulated that if the courts rejected this request in his will all scholarships will be canceled.

The only one happy about that I assume are his white descendants, unless the Canadian government has something to say about that.  Maybe they will make a proclamation that no white people can receive inheritance assets.  Don’t put it past them.

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