As every commercial has said since the beginning of COVID, "during these hard times, we are all in this together." Governor Gretchen Whitmer is with those who are renters right now to help them be able to stay in their homes.

An executive order that was signed on Friday, Order 2020-134, created the Eviction Diversion Program, according to WILX. This order provides $50 million in lump-sum payments to their landlords, “in exchange for allowing tenants to remain in their homes, forgiving late fees and up to 10% of the amount due,” said in a news release on Friday.

For those looking for assistance, this order will begin on July 16th.

“The program was created following the passage of Senate Bill 690, which passed unanimously out of both the Michigan House and Senate on June 17,” the release said. “The legislation appropriated $60 million in Coronavirus Relief Funding to the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity for the creation of a rental assistance program to assist tenants and landlords after the eviction moratorium concludes.”

If your rent is not covered entirely by the program, you will be able to use payment plans that had be created with another previous executive order.

You can read the executive order here.

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