It is obvious as the sickle in her one hand and the hammer in the other, Governor Whitmer just showed her cards and intends to extend her legally dubious emergency declaration past May 28th.

MLive is reporting that during a Facebook live interview with them yesterday Whitmer stated:

“My hope is at the end of this month we can maybe permit gatherings of 10 or less…I know that’s not a big gathering but it certainly I think, would be able to give us the feeling and the confidence that we can take this next step.

She then went on to say:

“It really depends on what the COVID numbers are though in another week. As we’re making decisions about (May) 28, we’re going to continue to see our testing increase and hopefully our positive numbers go down and if that’s the case then that’s a very real possibility.”

Another example of showing her hand is she also announced last night that she is extending a statewide suspension on evictions during her COVID-19 pandemic response.

Under her 85th executive order (EO) she has rescinded EO 2020-54 and stated in EO 2020-85 that no one can be evicted from their homes or apartments through June 11, 2020, for non-payment of rent or mortgage.

In her announcement she said:

“It’s critical Michiganders can self-quarantine and continue staying safer at home without fear of being evicted…This Executive Order gives renters and mobile home owners some peace of mind as we continue to flatten the curve.”

As I wrote in a piece that was published last month:

In American, a government just cannot force the citizens to give their possession to other people.  Dana it is called the U.S. Constitution and in that Constitution, there is the 5th amendment and in that 5th amendment it states:

“nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

That being said the U.S. Constitution is informing Whitmer and Nessel that they should either pay up or shut up.”

The question now is when or will Whitmer ever give up her total power over this state, ignoring the elected Democrats and Republicans if Michigan’s Supreme Court does not take it away from her by recognizing the Emergency Management Act 390 of 1976?


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