Governor Whitmer actually went on national television, well it was CNN so not many people did see it, and speculated on whether people would be wearing masks at an upcoming President Trump visit to Michigan.

Whitmer went on CNN’s variety show “Anderson Cooper 360” and instead of using that time productively, she went on the attack.  President Trump is scheduled to give a speech at an airport hangar on Thursday in Freeland, near Saginaw. On Anderson’s variety show she actually speculated that President Trump’s visit will bring a gathering of people together who may or may not be wearing a mask.

Whitmer stated:

“We anticipate that he will be descending on this state and perhaps encouraging people to come maskless"

When asked what proof she has to back up her concern, she stated she had absolutely none.  When asked if she makes other speculative statements and decisions concerning the COVID-19 virus with absolutely no proof she said of course she does.  She went on to explain that is she did not make such uninformed statements and decisions on the virus, such as she has with the upcoming rally, she might be labeled a hypocrite and she certainly did not want that.

By the way, the previous paragraph is completely made up, do you think any mainstream manipulative anchor of any of their shows would ask such an appropriate question.

However, Whitmer did say:

"I don't doubt that there will be people who will want to show up at that event and will take the lead from the man himself and drop their guard and could subject themselves to COVID-19"

Interesting coming from a person who encourages the mass gathering of people on the streets to protest and in fact joins them if she believes she would be able to get votes from them.

Also, interesting coming from a person who holds press conferences without wearing a mask and within a few feet of the person who performs sign language of her comments who also at times does and did not wear a mask.

She then went on to say:

"We've pushed our curve down, we've saved thousands of lives, we've gotten people back to work”

The goal from the beginning was to flatten our curve and keep hospital visits in check.  If Whitmer is now agreeing that we have met our stated goals then why does she continue to keep us under her emergency powers?  Simply put if we have achieved the stated goals and she continues to keep the entire state of Michigan under her emergency powers declaration you must ask yourself when will it ever end?

Interesting that Joe Biden is coming to Warren Michigan today for a rally where only approved pooled press selected by his campaign will be allowed to attend.  I also assume if he does take any questions they will be written and approved questions by his campaign and handed to the campaign approved press to aks.  Joe’s answers, written and approved by his campaign will be typed on his teleprompter.


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