Well, well, well a Democrat Congressmen from Minnesota Keith Ellis has decided to hire interns and is implying with his job posting that white straight men can apply but more than likely will not get the job.

The Daily Caller is reporting about this bigoted job posting.  If you think I am stretching the truth here is what the Democrat congressmen posted on his congressional website:

Internships: The Office of Congressman Keith Ellison is looking for enthusiastic interns for our Washington and Minneapolis offices. We seek interns who are curious, hardworking, and passionate about serving Minnesota’s 5th district.  Though many applicants are studying public policy, our work is broad and we encourage applicants interested in a wide range of careers. Internships are unpaid and begin in January, May, and September, and generally last 3-4 months.  While Congressman Ellison encourages all individuals to apply, applicants with strong ties to the Fifth District or Minnesota are preferred. People of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Can anyone explain to me how a congressmen or in fact anyone be allowed to post an open job position and use that kind of language?

If a private company was to use that exact wording I am sure the Department of Justice would come after them with all of their government power, as they should.  So will the DOJ investigate Democrat congressmen Ellis?  Do not hold your breath because you will pass out and die before that ever happens.

How does a political party rail everyday about racism and bigotry and then practices racism and bigotry?  We as the citizens of this country must come together and fight racism and bigotry where ever we see it, and if you do not see this as racism and bigotry we then have bigger problems on this issue then we thought.

The hypocrisy of people in the Democrat party seems to have no end and the strange part of that hypocrisy is many on the left do not even see it.  We are told we must see and acknowledge white privilege but not see and acknowledge racism and bigotry if it is practiced and applied toward white/straight people.  We will never improve and move forward on racism and bigotry if the other side of the debate does not acknowledge their racism, bigotry and hatred.

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