According to new published reports the county in Michigan with the highest rate of elevated lead levels in children isn’t Genesee County, where Flint is located. No, in fact Genesee comes in way down at number 34. The county with the highest level of lead in kids blood is Lenawee. Lenawee? Yes, that’s correct, the lily white mostly rural county where you will find the small communities of Adrian and Morenci.

How could that be?

Well you see lead poisoning isn’t a matter of race like Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson and a slew of disingenuous politicians have claimed over and over since lead was found in high levels in Flint kids. Lead in fact knows no racial boundaries and affects negatively more white areas in Michigan than those occupied more heavily by minorities.

I don’t see anyone jumping up and down screaming that Barack Obama poisoned the white kids of Adrian intentionally because of their race. Why not? Well because that would be ridiculous, just as ridiculous as saying Governor Rick Snyder poisoned black kids in Flint. People need to know the truth.

Maybe, just maybe we should skip the politics of division and instead focus on cleaning up lead wherever it may be found and protect whoever may be at risk. That is of course who we are as you already know, so it is time to go one step further and reject the politics of rage pushed by the radical left.