We are being told that the Great Lakes are experiencing record high water levels.  In fact it is being reported by Mlive that the Great Lakes depths ranging from 14 inches too nearly 3 feet above long-term averages.

Researchers are telling us that the reason for the higher water levels come from heavy winter and spring precipitation and of course global warming.

Just four days ago MLive reported that a Richard B. Rood, who is a professor in U-M’s Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering as well as the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center (GLISA).  The GLISA make general predictions for the future of the Great Lakes.  Professor Rood blames the high water tables on global warming but he also said there will be behind periods of dry weather in coming years that will result in low water levels that is also due to global warming.  Sounds like he is covering all of his bases with those great predictions.  The global warming scientist have learned since not one of their past predictions had ever come to bear they better make sure they cannot get pinned down on any one specific prediction, sounds like Nostradamus to me.

Professor Rood was quoted in the article saying:

We think you’re going to see it very high and there also will be times when you will see it very low

Professor Rood calls the change from high to low water, periods of “variability.”  Oh how interesting that he calls water levels changing “variability”, I would have never thought of that but I am not a professor at University of Michigan.

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