According to USA Today, with a second wave of COVID-19 cases looming in the United States, many travelers are being extra careful about their health and safety. Travelers want to know, what's the safest way to travel during the second coronavirus wave?

Would an Amtrak train be a safe way to travel during the holidays?

Here's what I like about Amtrak:

Attendants bring meals and beverages to you. As long as you are in your compartment, you can remove your mask too.

In coach, Amtrak blocks off half the seats to allow social distancing. The trains exchange air 44 times each hour, which Amtrak says is better than any other mode of transportation.

How do you feel about flying? Airlines have a strong case for being among the safest ways to travel while COVID-19 is still active.

Here's what I like about flying:

The aircraft is cleaned, the food and beverage come in self contained packaging and handled by gloved and masked attendants on board.

The major airlines have introduced new cleaning procedures and have ventilation systems on planes that refresh the air every two to three minutes.

How do you feel about traveling by car? You decide where and when to stop. And you can avoid crowded areas and other travelers.

Here's what I like about driving my own car:

Driving is a great option for short to medium length trips. But you have to be careful about your passengers and making frequent stops.

It's important to use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol frequently when stopping and wash hands thoroughly after using the restroom.

A car is only as safe as the precautions you take.

Just keep in mind that no matter how well sanitized the seats may be, if there's a crowd, your risk of exposure to the coronavirus goes up. If you use mass transportation, make sure there's adequate opportunity to practice social distancing. (USA Today)

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