When sitting judges go so far extreme in the wording they choose to use you must really ask yourself if that Judge has the temperament to sit on the bench.

There appears to be one of those judges right here in the state of Michigan.  She sits on the bench in the 31st State District Court House.  Her name is Judge Alexis G. Krot and she was appointed to the bench by former Governor Rick Snyder back in 2016.

The story goes like this, it starts with a 72-year-old man he Hamtramck Michigan who was diagnosed three years ago with cancer.  Due to his weakened state, he did not maintain his yard in good shape.  Let’s be honest it was kept in very bad shape.  You will see the picture of his property in the video below.  He was cited back in August of 2021 for failing to keep the walkway and alley free of grass, plants and etc.

The judge stated that the ticket was issued  because:

failing to keep the fence, walkway, sidewalk or alley free of trees, leaves

The family had kept the yard up until their son went to Bangladesh for three months last year and that is when the trouble started.

I understand the concern of the neighbors but wondered to myself did they not know of his situation and perhaps they could have all chipped in and helped while their son was away.

The father had to appear in court last week which he did via zoom with his son by his side.  What happened next surprised many.  This Judge Krot (chety) told the man that “You should be ashamed of yourself”.  She did not end there Judge Krot (chety) then said to him “If I could give you jail time on this, I would”.  You would give a person jail time for not cutting their grass or taking care of their property.  Perhaps if they were habitual offenders but for a first-time offender who has a legitimate excuse!  You have to be kidding me.

The judge then pulled up a photo taken of their home and expressed her disgust when she stated "The neighbors should not have to look at that…You should be ashamed of yourself!...You have got to get that cleaned up”.  Before making those comments the Judge was not aware and did not care to ask if the property had already been cleaned up.  The son had come home and already cleaned up the property.

She ordered him to pay a $100 fine by Feb. 1 of this year.

Should a person with this temperament be a judge or do you chalk it up to we all have bad days as long as she apologizes to the man and his family?

Here is Judge Krot (chety) in action:

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