It appears not only do we need to be concerned about this push for mail-in voting when we do not have the processes in place to handle such a large influx of ballots we now have to worry about what Governor Whitmer and her administration is doing with the ballots.

The Detroit News is reporting that the Whitmer administration has incorrectly listed Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate as Jeremy Cohen, Jo Jorgenson’s Libertarian running mate.

Hmmm, I wonder how that got past the state employed editors.  These brilliant people had no idea that the Vice President of the United States is Mike Pence?

These ballots were downloaded from a state database yesterday and are meant to be sent to the military and overseas.  Right now we know of more than 400 that were downloaded.

According to the Detroit News:

“The error occurred with ballots meant to be mailed or emailed to Michigan residents living abroad under the Military and Overseas Empowerment (MOVE) Act. Those ballots usually are downloaded by local clerks' offices upon request from an overseas voter and either printed and mailed, or downloaded via PDF and emailed to the voter before the election.”

It's not clear how many of the more than 400 ballots were actually sent to voters before the error was discovered and corrected, according to Tracy Wimmer the spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

Clerks from several cities stated a few incorrect ballots were sent out.

Tracy Wimmer the spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson spoke to the issue of incorrect ballots being mailed out when she stated:

"If a voter does happen to return the incorrect ballot instead of the correct ballot, it will still count…The clerk will be instructed to duplicate a vote for Trump onto a ballot for Trump/Pence."

“Instructed to duplicate a vote”, how many other times our these clerks “Instructed to duplicate a vote”?

I would have asked Ms. Wimmer how you would correct a person’s ballot who did not vote for President Trump because they did not like that he changed his VP running mate to a libertarian or Mr. Cohen.

If this administration cannot do something as simple as putting the current Vice President of the United States on some ballots does anyone really believe they can oversee an election with millions of mail-in votes?

Does anyone really believe that something so obvious was done accidentally?

I understand the integrity of the election will fall mostly on the shoulders of local clerks but if there is no integrity at the top how much of that will filter down to the local municipalities.

If a local clerk wants to cheat then it appears they are certainly getting a signal that their backs will be covered by Whitmer and Jocelyn Benson.

If you plan on cheating this election please hold up both arms and hands!

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