Sure you can rattle them off easily - the most iconic Michigan locations like Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls, Tiger Stadium or the Big House. We are curious, what's the Michigan location you've always heard about but never visited?

The conversation came up recently on Facebook. Here are some of the most common answers, and unsurprisingly they are some of the most remote areas in our state:

Turnip Rock/Tip of the Thumb

The tip of the Thumb is a surprisingly long drive with Port Austin being about as north as Ludington. Turnip Rock, located just off shore in Lake Huron is inaccessible by car/land and can only be seen by kayaking.

Pictured Rocks

Munising is right in the heart of the Upper Peninsula and the gateway to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. One visit and you'll know why it was selected to be featured on a quarter from the US Mint.

Copper Harbor/Keweenaw Peninsula

You can't drive any further north in Michigan than Copper Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula. In fact it's the furthest spot in America from an interstate Highway. So if getting away from chain restaurants and lots of civilization is your thing. the Keweenaw is your place. If you go, US 41 is the only way in or out.

Isle Royale

There's a very good chance you've never been to Isle Royale. It's the least visited National Park in America due to its remoteness in the middle of Lake Superior. It's closer to Minnesota than it is to Michigan and can be reached only by an hours-long boat ride or expensive plane charter. Isle Royal is not the most isolated location in the big lake. That honor goes to Stannard Rock, the loneliest place in North America.

Porcupine Mountains/Lake of the Clouds

Ah, the Porkies. West of Ontonogon. some say that in a state with thousands of beautiful vistas, overlooking Lake of the Clouds, nestled deep in the Porcupine Mountains may be the best.

Drive the Tunnel of Trees

You have to go a bit out of your way to drive the Tunnel of Trees. M-119 is the state highway that runs north from Harbor Springs. There's a quicker way to Cross Village - County Road C-77/State Road, but it's not nearly as scenic as driving under the canopy of foliage that is the Tunnel of Trees.

So what about you, what is your "I've never been there" spot in Michigan?

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