The report of potentially a second case in this country of Ebola--someone who had no direct contact with Thomas Eric Duncan--is generating concern over whether the American people are being told the truth about the deadly virus.

A sheriff's deputy is now being monitored after showing up at an emergency facility in Dallas with many of the same symptoms as as Duncan.  He had no direct contact with Duncan, who died ten days after being diagnosed, but did go to his apartment to help evacuate his family.  He was not wearing hazmat gear.

Officials say the monitoring is simply precautionary and that the deputy is likely in no danger.  But others are now wondering if there's more out there than meets the eye.

Cleaning crews were days later sent to Duncan's home to rid the facility of potentially contaminated materials.  150 barrels of items were removed.

Those crews were wearing hazmat suits.  But Sal Pain, a Bio-Recovery expert, who appeared on the Steve Gruber Show today on 1240  WJIM-AM, says even with the  gear they were wearing, they were woefully under-protected for the job at hand.

Pain says protocol dictates that those who could potentially come in contact with a deadly virus be protected from head to toe in gear that is designed for the job.  He says it's lucky that even more aren't showing symptoms of the virus.

President Obama's attention to the problem is concerning as well.  He has rarely shown the type of concern he's displaying now over the Ebola issue.  And that is leaving some to wonder what the government could know that we don't.

For Pain,who admits he's only speculating, he sees the answer is frightening....but simple.

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