This is a redevelopment project that started about a year ago but has now stalled, so what is happening with it?

Let's get a little back story about this project cause you may have forgot about it.  The "Village of Okemos" project is a $100 million development plan to turn the area of Okemos and Hamilton Road from an a bunch of empty buildings to a new community. The Village of Okemos is going to have several apartments as well as commercial space on the ground level.

If you have driven by this area recently or within the last year you have probably saw nothing new. Well this is because nothing new has been built, and actually not much of the old buildings have been taken down either. If you are wondering why, according to WILX, a dry cleaner business was demolished in that area, but there was some contamination so that took a while to clean up. After the clean up, coronavirus hit our area and made them stop with construction.

The company behind the construction of this $100 million project, North Development Investing, says building and construction will start in Spring 2021. There is still demolition and additional environmental cleanup to do so that will resume first in August or September of this year. If you are looking to see the revitalized area then you will probably have to wait until late 2021 or possible 2022. More about it here.

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