Now that the Presidential Election is over what do you want to see President Trump to do in his first two years.

Should he build the wall on our southern borders and make Mexico one way or another pay for the wall?

Should he immediately put a ban on immigration and refugee settlement programs in the U.S. from countries that have heavy radical Islamic terrorist in their country?  Actually start that extreme vetting process in which there must be definitive proof that you are not affiliated with a terrorist group, instead of having the criteria that we cannot prove who are affiliated with a terrorist group.

Should he take the fight to Radical Islamic Terrorist?

Should he start to immediately work on a plan to fix our aging infrastructure and how do we pay for it?

Should he push the Congress to start passing balanced budgets and stop adding to our debt via deficit spending?

Should he repeal and replace Obamacare and if so what do you want to see in what he advocates to replace it with?

Should he advocate the mandatory deportation all undocumented immigrants with criminal records, and detentions for those caught at the border?

Should he attempt to stop Common Core and bring education back to the state or local level and stop threating states with lack of funding if they do not do what the Federal government wants them to do?  Essentially block fund monies to states for education with no strings attached.

Should he stop wasting U.S. tax dollars for UN global warming programs?

Should he completely revamp the EPA and put tighter restrictions on what they can do via policy and regulation?

Should he advocate to repeal all these job destroying energy regulatory rules and approve the Keystone Pipeline?

Should he increase U.S. military presence in the East and South China Seas?  This increase help strengthen America’s ability to negotiate with the Chinese.

Should he peruse an in-depth investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server, the Clinton Foundation and uncover any corruption that we have seen at the highest levels of the DOJ, FBI, IRS and wherever the new and hopefully honest DOJ can find it?  This would bring back some faith in the U.S. government.

Review all trade agreements i.e. NAFTA and TPP and either improve them or cancel them if possible?

The list can be never ending, I understand, but what are the most important issues you would like to see a Trump Administration pursue.

Those are some of my thoughts what are yours?

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