I don't know about you but if I ever saw a plane coming at me from down the street, I'd be a little nervous. Some of the residents of Westland, MI experienced that this week when they were out in there cars and saw a caravan coming down the street with an airplane in the middle of it all. There were many people in the post who were quite shocked with it, while others figured there was a logical reason for it being on the road:

I'm pretty sure it was brought from willow run. My friend works at the speedway at Belleville and Tyler and saw it going East bound on Tyler toward Haggerty -Lindsay Swims-

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It turns out Lindsay was right, as even someone in one of the pictures below commented on what exactly was going on:

I’m in the yellow truck thingie in this pic with my husband! OP is correct, we were moving this plane from willow run to MIAT. Sorry if we inconvenienced anyone lol. It doesn’t fly, I repeat it doesn’t fly, so it didn’t land in the street! We towed it the whole way.
Used with permission from Nikki Massengale Brod
Used with permission from Nikki Massengale Brod

It's funny how so many people in the post comments actually knew this was happening, as some of their kids were a part of the team moving the plane, but it must have been a trip for those left in the dark.

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