Unless your parents have cash and they are willing to share their cash with you most college students are dirt poor. Now we find that Western Michigan University (WMU) has decided that starting last January 10th they will fine students who do not take a required weekly Covid-19 test. Since January 10th they have given fines to over a thousand, more than likely poor, students for missing those required Covid-19 weekly test. The students that are subject to fines are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

During the first week of their new order, they fined 678 students with another 523 being fined the second week. We are told some were fined for both weeks but they did not inform us how many. According to a report by WWMT News Channel 3 “For those who miss a test, they'll be fined $50 for the first five misses. Then, the fine will increase to $100 for each miss after that. Once a student owes more than $300, the individual cannot register for classes, according to the school”.

In fact, they are making some pretty good cash off of these students. As of January 25th, they have fined students approximately $60,050.00.

When WMU decided during the pandemic to not live up to their promise to provide students with in-classroom instruction and instead moved to remote only they still charged their students’ full price.

Should WMU have charged their students who requested in-classroom instruction full price for remote learning?

Should any university/college have charged their students who requested in-classroom instruction?

Should college students be fined for missing a weekly Covid-19 test?

Should WMU and any other university/college keep students’ full tuition when they did not provide in-classroom instruction or should they be fined for every day they denied their student's in-classroom instruction?

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