You know the truth is a bitter bitter pill to swallow but the good doctor is here to help so open up and say ahhhhhh.

Doctor Ben Carson, who avoids political correctness in favor of honesty, accountability and straight up truth has done it again. This time the retired pediatric neuro-surgeon has said on the campaign trail what many of us have said for years, that welfare is only about securing votes and nothing to do with helping people.

“False compassion is patting them on the head and saying, ‘You can’t take care of yourself and I’m going to give you food stamps, a housing subsidy and free health care,’” Carson said according to the Gainesville Times. “And all the things you need so you can stay dependent and vote for me.’”

Just like so many blatantly obvious, common sense ideas put forth by Carson before I am sure it will be met head on by the left; first with confusion, then anger and then of course a chorus of insults calling him everything from an Uncle Tom to a foolish dolt.

Yeah- the guy who separated conjoined twins… joined at the head… children… an operation that had never even been done before is just a drooling idiot, a simpleton, a moron because he calls liberalism out for what it is: a tried and true failure. Yep, just a dummy.

Of course I’d believe that too- especially if the Mensa Queen herself, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is saying it.