The rain hasn't really let up lately, which means bad news for the spraying plans. Yet again, the weather has caused a postponement for aerial mosquito spraying on Wednesday October 2nd, to help combat against the Eastern Equine Encephalitis outbreak.

The state has been spraying an insecticide called Merus 3.0 earlier this week across lower Michigan counties.

Grass Lake as well as Concord are a few of the ares in Jackson county yet to be treated just yet.

The areas in which were planned to be sprayed on Wednesday, but were not able to do were in Allegan and Barry counties.

Health officials have made public that 186,146 acres have been treated thus far.

Areas sprayed so far include, Van Buren County, Berrien County, St. Joseph County and Cass County. In a press release, Barry county has only been partially treated.

You can expect to hear when a new aerial spraying time is by Thursday. Learn more by going to WILX.

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