One of the great things about being a Michigan resident is fully experiencing all four seasons. My wife is from Michigan, and yet every year when winter shows up, she complains about the cold and snow. Yet she has lived here all her life. I’m a southern boy, grew up in the south, where snow storms only happened two or three times in my childhood. It would snow, and be gone the next day. I’ve spent winters in the Midwest where the snow is on the ground for months at a time. My first real experience with snow was in Milwaukee in the snow storm of 78-79, two feet on Christmas Weekend, and two feet on New Year's weekend. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced anything like that since, but we’ve certainly had some challenging winters.

My first Polar Vortex came in 2013, that was a brutal winter. But after now living in Michigan for 18 years I’ve accepted winter, and even enjoy parts of it. The first real snow fall of the year is always cool. Walking through the falling snow, hearing the flakes landing on the ground and everything around you. Flakes falling on your nose, and that first icy sidewalk that puts you into your wild winter dance until you end up face down in the snow. To deal with our winter’s, you need to keep your sense of humor. We have our moments. Michiganders in the Upper and Lower areas have all gained a wicked sense of humor about our Michigan winters. And one of the results of that are these funny Michigan Winter Memes. Enjoy them, and make the best of your Michigan winter with a smile on your face!

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