It is something that is the recent trend all across America and the world. With Chat GPT, and Snapchat even having their own AI now, it's getting easier and easier to ask a computer to help you.

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AI is almost comparable to Alexa and Siri, but far more interesting than those two (sorry guys, don't cancel my alarms for tomorrow morning please).

The AI Compiled List and it's Sources

I know what you're thinking, a little weird to ask AI to give us a survey of all the states and how they would survive in an AI apocalypse. It's almost like giving AI the idea to do that.

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However, Confuse The Machine, asked Chat GPT to breakdown the most likely outcomes in an AI apocalypse, such as power cut off, cellular communications, as well as food and shelter in each state.

All that helped Chat GPT to narrow down a score of which state would survive, if AI ever does evolve and decide to take over the world.

 Where Would Michigan Rank In Survival?

If you're from the state of Michigan, there's no need to fear. Of the 50 states to survive, Michigan faired fairly well. However, we aren't even officially in the top 20...

Take a look at the full list that Chat GPT designed of the states that would and probably wouldn't survive an AI apocalypse.

Would Your State Survive An AI Apocalypse?

Ranked by AI itself, see where your state would land if there was such an AI Apocalypse.

Michigan appeared at spot number 22 out of 51 in surviving an AI Apocalypse. Which of 51, isn't too bad.

Alaska, however, does not shock me, considering it's remoteness.

Do you foresee an AI Apocalypse?

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