At least one of the men suspected of the murders of four people in Michigan back in 1993, says Michael David Elliot--the inmate who made headlines after his escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility-- was simply a dupe and had nothing to do with the killings that landed in him in prison serving five life sentences. 

Elliot, has maintained all along that he had nothing to do with the murders--a pronouncement often heard by those facing time behind bars.  But in this case, there could be some merit to his claim.

Another of the men convicted of the murders, says he pulled the trigger and that Elliot and another man were innocent.  Charles Treece said he wrote that information down in a letter and sent it to the Gladwin County Prosecutor, but that information was never presented in court.

Elliot appealed his conviction all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court but was denied a request to be freed. His attorney is hoping someone will step forward now to investigate again the murders to determine whether Treece's claims could be valid and whether Elliot should have his five life sentences reduced.