There are several early indicators that someone’s cognitive functions are beginning to fail and the warning signs could be indicators of the onset of dementia or possibly Alzheimer’s disease. Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson gave an unprecedented press briefing and gave President Donald Trump a clean bill of health this week but unfortunately it seems the same cannot be said for the White House press corps that seems increasingly out of touch with reality.

I decided to explore medical literature to better understand the hostility from the national press when it comes to this President. It really is unprecedented in terms of the aggressive and really hateful nature of the stories, the questions and the snide comments directed at Donald Trump and his administration. Recently with other narratives like Russian Collusion failing to reach the goal of having him removed from office, the stories have morphed into a theme of this man is simply unfit for office and we need to pursue the 25th Amendment. In fact those questions were posed to Dr. Jackson during the press conference and repeated several times after he had made perfectly clear that President Trump is in excellent condition. Reporters persisted in asking about dementia, Alzheimers disease, false teeth, bone spurs and even drug addiction. The last question came after Jackson expressly pointed out that President Trump has benefitted from a life of abstinence from alcohol, tobacco and street drugs. It seems the press is just unable to square reality with it’s firm pre-conceived notion that somehow and in some definable way, The President just isn’t well and should not be allowed to serve as Commander in Chief.

This brings me to some uncomfortable but important questions about the press and it’s ability to serve the American people. After all it appears the press may be struggling with reality. For example Donald Trump is President and he was legally elected as outlined in the United States Constitution in the exact same way as every other President in American history. The irrational fight against a legally elected President makes me think we should examine the warning signs of dementia as it may apply to the press.

I found several websites that give advice about dealing with dementia and each gave very similar warning signs. I share them with you now so you can decide if the press is fit to continue serving or is most reporters and alleged journalists should be removed from their positions.

Here is the list:

1.)Subtle changes to short term memory. I noticed reporters memories have become so short they cannot even remember a doctor saying just moments ago that President Trump is in great shape and got a perfect score on a cognition test.

2.)Difficulty with language and finding the right words. It seems the media uses words like addiction, even though they are fully aware the President has never used alcohol or tobacco.

3.)Mood swings are a key indicator of early dementia stages. The press has routinely flew into a rage over a host of real and perceived issues. CNN used profanity over 100 times this week after it didn’t like the way President Trump ‘may have’ referred to Third World countries.

4.)Many have trouble with finishing easy and routine tasks. I have noticed celebrity news anchors on MSNBC, BBC, CNN and elsewhere are unable to finish the mundane task of reciting facts without getting lost and going into long rambling tirades about citizens of other countries living in America illegaly.

5.)Confusion over otherwise simple tasks is a big red flag. I find the press is easily confused and puts in so-called ‘facts’ that are later proven to be false on an almost regular basis. In just the past few months The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN among others have had to issue ‘updates’ to stories. This is a cute euphemism for correcting false information. I am not sure if avoiding the truth is one of the symptoms.

6.)The ability to follow simple storylines is a place of concern when you review a patient that may be in jeopardy of losing touch with reality. How many storylines about Hillary Clinton and the reckless, likely illegal abuse of her emails has the press been simply unable to follow. How is it that when James Comey changes his story over and over to protect Hillary Clinton the press seems altogether overwhelmed to a point that it just ignores the story altogether? How can the press not be able to follow a nearly straight line involving the sale of American uranium through a Canadian company on it’s way to Russia with the blessing of then President Barack Obama? How does the press get flummoxed when a plane filled with pallets of cash from The United States, lands in Iran in the middle of the night, with video? It is frightening how ill many in the press core truly appear to be.

7.)Repetition is another warning sign of dementia and early onset of Alzheimers disease. In fact during many of the repeated questions to Dr. Jackson the press seemed confused by the straightforward answers and they lost the storyline. Then almost on cue when the doctor left the room, the press began repeating the same old line about Russian Collusion with Donald Trump. The press repeats the Russian Collusion story despite the fact that after more than 15 months there is simply no proof that such a thing ever took place.

8.)Maybe the biggest challenge for those slipping into the unforgiving bondage of dementia and Alzheimers disease is the inability to adapt to something new. Change has come to America and nothing outrages our friends in the media that trying to explain, yes, Donald Trump is your President. They resist the change at all costs. They put their reputations at risk. They run stories that are based only in fiction. They simply are overwhelmed by change.

I think it is fair to say after our analysis here that Donald Trump is not the one with cognitive issues and potential problems with dementia and other mental health diseases but rather the Washington Press core itself.

One last issue is the visceral rage and uncontrollable emotional outbursts that Donald Trump provokes in so many journalists these days. Just another sign that we should be getting our friends in the Fourth Estate some medication from some qualified professionals. And no I am not talking about their favorite bar tender in Georgetown where they have been self medicating for years but rather real honest to goodness doctors. You know like the ones giving out all of the anti-dementia and Alzheimer’s drugs to Senators and Congressman from that quaint little drug store on Capital Hill.

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