Hundreds of residents in southwestern Michigan have lost natural gas service to their homes causing warming centers to open up due to the freezing cold temperatures.

Temperatures dropped to 5 below zero overnight. Warming centers have opened to help those without power.
Photo: Getty Images

A natural gas leak caused the shutdown Wednesday in Chikaming Township located in Berrien County.  Crews worked through the night to fix the leak and restore heat to the homes.  According to the National Weather Service the temperature dropped drastically over the past few days to 5 degrees below zero.

The energy company in Berrien County, SEMCO Energy said 680 of their customers were left without heat.

Currently about 430 customers have had their power restored and crews are working quickly to try to get power restored to all customers that are without it.

There are warming centers located at Chikaming Elementary School and River Valley High School for those who are still without power.