The jack booted thugs rolled into the national conscience this week by way of Ferguson Missouri. On full display the weapons sent to local law enforcement after being released from service by the American military. The question many of us are asking is how much firepower is too much?

In Missouri the police officers are decked out like they are members of Delta Force or the Dirty Dozen. I was looking for Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin in the news footage. Except the cops in Missouri had a lot more to work with.

In Michigan the state has picked up $43 million dollars worth of military hardware. Included on the list nearly 2000 assault rifles and 9 grenade launchers. Grenade launchers? Does the local sheriff or police department really need grenade launchers?

In the West Michigan village of Delton the four full time officers are ready for anything and boast two armored vehicles and two Humvees. I mean in a town of 850 give or take you just never know when the locals might go crazy and loot the liquor store!

I understand we face the threat of terrorism and unknown threats but I would feel a bit better if a four man police department didn’t have a Humvee and armored personnel carrier for every officer. It seems a bit like overkill.

What do you think?