In Michigan according to we pay more than any other states except three; California, Hawaii and Alaska. Pretty stunning when you actually drive in this state and have your kidneys jarred so hard you might pass blood because the roads are like Berlin in the summer of 1945.

So think about this if you drive 25,000 miles a year which is pretty common and your car gets 25 miles per gallon which is also common you’d burn 1000 gallons a year. I made it easy so you would understand that if you lived in Virginia or Texas or several other states you’d have well over $500 more dollars to use on anything you wanted. The difference? Also simple, taxes. I mean the price of a barrel of oil is what it is on the world market right? So the only difference in the lower 48 primarily is taxes. I mean how else could drivers in North Dakota or Minnesota or the far reaches of Maine pay less than we do? And by the way they drive on much nicer roads so if you further add the cost of higher maintenance and repair bills we are getting killed here!

It is high time to cut the crap and cut our taxes. I’m not buying the nonsense of we have to raise taxes so maybe we can pay more than even those living in Hawaii, Alaska and California and still have lousy roads. I paid my bills year after year. Just like you I paid at the pump and paid and paid and paid. Now Republicans and Democrats alike wanna stick it to us again and the wonder out loud ‘Gee why is Michigan’s economy in the toilet?”

The only solution might be the one blazed by Alma native Dave Brat in throwing Eric Cantor to the curb and that’s throw all of these self serving, double talking greedy bastards out as well. I don’t care what party you’re from… it means nothing to me. Come with real ideas or get the hell out of the way!

If you still can’t figure it out… you should study the new Common Core math and it will all make sense.