Scott Olson - Getty Images

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker a one time leader of the Republican field for President has been knocked flat and is tossing in the towel on his White House aspirations.

Walker was among the early favorites and polled in first place in Iowa and national polls. Over the course of the summer however support for the man who fought public sector unions and won has been waning. Despite the fact that he won three times in the blue state of Wisconsin in just 4 years including a failed recall effort he wasn’t able to sustain the kind of momentum and money required to stay in the race.

During the second GOP debate this past Wednesday Walker was a non factor in a race that has turned to favor outsiders like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson. Trump ripped into Walker during the debate saying his state was actually in real financial trouble despite what the campaign was saying. Walker also failed to show up on Mackinac Island for a Saturday morning Republican breakfast get together during the weekend leadership conference.

In the end it seems Walker decided to walk away before he ran up too much debt or he made a terminal mistake that would prevent him from running in the future. I do not think it’s the last we’ve heard of Scott Walker.